Shinnosuke FUJIMA


Fujima was born in Ishikawa, 1977. He learned classical Japanese dance from Master Kanshiro Fujima since 8 years old. In 1994, he was given the name “Shinnosuke” by Master Murasaki Fujima, "iemoto" of School of Murasaki who consolidates others by transmitting the correct methods. Fujima was also allowed to become a master. Since his debut stage at National Theatre of Japan, he has been nurturing his curiosity about Japanese traditional performing.Currently, Fujima collaborates with a variety of genres of performance at a variety of theatres including Kabuki theatre, National Theatre of Japan, an opening game ceremony of Japanese soccer league (J-league), Paris, London, and Texas. He established training halls at Tokyo, Ishikawa, and Fukushima. Maintaining his energetic activities, he also teaches classical dance to children in nursery schools. Since 2006, He has held an annual dance performance event of appreciation for the paddy “New in the Old, Thinking Rice Field Dance” . In October 2009, he unveiled “Wa Kokoro Mai” – a dance performance which connects tradition and modernity. In November 2009, he devoted a dance at the ceremony of final completion of Uji bridge in Ise Grand Shrine.



Shinnosuke FUJIMA, Tamamo Ange SAITOH