J-Workout Corporation

Born in Tokyo in 1981. Watanabe was graduated from Yasuda Gakuen Junior High School and High School. Studied in San Diego State University, majoring in Kinesiology. In 2005, joined in Project Walk, the world’s first centre dedicated to improving the lives of those who have sustained paralysis from a spinal cord injury. Watanabe was certificated as the first non-American specialist in recovering spinal cord injury and faulty posture, and returned to Japan. In 2007, established J-Workout Corporation, the first specialized in training for spinal-cord-injury victim in Japan, and became the president. In 2010, Watanabe established Project Work Corporation, the affiliate company of employment assistance services for the challenged. Watanabe actively addresses not only the employment service but a variety of activities including job placement and consulting. President of J-Workout Corporation. Certified SCI (Spinal Cord Injury) Recovery Trainer Ⅰ and Ⅱ