Preacher in Mobile Communication Technology

Yamada was born in Fukushima, 1956. He is the chairman and president of QUALCOMM Japan, Inc. In 1978, he graduated from the department of electronic engineering of Tokyo University and joined Matsushita Communication Industrial Co., Ltd, developed equipments of automobiles and cellular phones, digital mobile communication systems. Yamada took a leadership in the development project of mobile communication systems in U.S.. In 1995, he left the corporation and went to U.S.. As the technical manager of Accessline Technologies Co., ltd, he participated the foundation of One Number Co., Ltd., the corporate joint venture with NTT, Inc. and NTT DOCOMO, Inc. In 1998, he joined QUALCOMM Japan Inc. on its foundation and did standardization activity, developing new technology, product planning, technical support for communication common carrier and maker of handheld devices, and driving the introduction of application platform BREW® to Japan. He assumed the presidency of QUALCOMM Japan Inc. in 2005, and the office of chairman in 2008. Considering future of mobile communication, he is eager to the activity of representing the “Japan”, which faces full-blown aging society, to rest of the world.