Naoki ITO

Creative Director

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Born in Shizuoka in 1971. Ito draws a lot of attention with his stronghold on memory of experience, designing communication with body mechanism and living experience with five senses. For three years since 2007, Ito has won 85 broadcasting and design awards. In Cannes International Film Festival, Ito won ten Lion Awards including five golden awards; the most in Japanese history. He won the Television Commercial Golden Award as the first time in 13 years in Japanese history, with LOVEDISTANCE, collaboration with Sagami Rubber Industries Co., Ltd.. Ito is one of the creative directors who draw worldwide acclaim most. After joining ADK and GT, Ito became the president and creative director of Wieden + Kennedy Tokyo in Nov. 2009. Author of “Tsutawaru no ruru ( tips to get understood)” - Sep. 2009.