Noh actor. Bystander of Shimogakari Hosho School. Rolf Institute official Rolfer.

Yasuda was fascinated and astounded with Noh chant by Mr. Kaburaki Mineo and became a disciple of him. Convenes various kinds of workshops, based on profound understanding of the body techniques that have been inherited from the time when mind and body seemed indivisible and, were woven in the movements of Noh --- the world's oldest form of theater still performed. In parallel with his activities as Noh actor, Yasuda re-discovers innate goodness of Japanese and Chinese classical writings including Oku no Hosomichi (The Narrow Road to the Deep North), the Kojiki, and Analects, by reading them from the standpoint of body mechanism. Moreover, Yasuda has taken stay-at-home children and truant students for a walk from Tokyo to Nasu (approx. 4 times the distance of full marathon) on the path that is the motif of Oku No Hosomichi (The Narrow Road to the Deep North). A board member of ”THE COMMITTEE FOR THE HARMONIOUS FUTURE OF EAST ASIA (NARASIA), the 1300th anniversary of Nara Heijo-kyo Capital“.