Toshio OHI

Ceramic Artist

Ohi Official Site

Ohi was born the first boy of 10th Ohi Chozaemon in Kanazawa, 1958. He finished his master in Boston University, 1984. Since his 20’s, he has been seeking to cultivate the meaning of ceramic art and to straddle genre, and has been motivated by pioneering the future of ceramic art. He has been transmitting his art to Kanazawa, everywhere in Japan, and all over the world. He is a multi-talented artist leading modern ceramic art in the world.He suggested the “Kanazawa World Industrial Arts Town Declaration” and produced “Kanazawa World Industrial Arts Competition” and other related events, resulting in prize of “Kanazawa Cultural Activity Award”. Inheriting the tradition of Ohi-yaki, his activity is versatile such that he created the ceramic wall aiming for the fusion of ceramic and architecture, produced space designing of home, restaurant and etc., proposed the new way of Japanese tea ceremony. In 2002, he produced a department store Kagaya in Ginza, Tokyo totally, and received a high evaluation and awarded “Good Design Award”, 2004. In 2008, he organized a memorial exhibition in Taipei, New York, Tokyo on his 50 years old. His ceramic works are located all over the world including the Rockefellers, Los Angels County Museum of Art and etc. He is a Visiting Associate Professor of Rochester Institute of Technology (New York, USA), Kanazawa University, etc.