Yasuo SATO

Firefighter / ex - Hyper Rescue Chief of Tokyo Fire Department

Born in Tokyo in 1952 (Also with Father and son serving as firefighters). Joined Tokyo Fire Dept. in 1975. Hoped for firefighting job from elementary school days. Worked in many fields in TFD for quake simulator truck creation, fire prevention, EMS, disaster preparedness, personnel management, fire science, etc. Promoted to Fire Suppression Div. Chief position in 2010 after serving as Musashino Fire Station Chief, First Fire District HQ Commander, etc. Responded to Great East Japan Earthquake (Mar. 11, 2010) as commander of 1,800 units (18,000 members). Succeeded in water discharge to cool down and protect Fukushima No.1 Nuclear Power Plant reactor from further meltdown as Tokyo Emergency Fire Response Team commander leading 30 units (138 members).