2011 Conference

Date: 2011.10.22


Appreciating the 260 audiences came to Yokohama Red-Brick Warehouse, 200 audiences in Satellite assembly hall in 12 places in Japan, and about 20,000 people who participated our event through USTREAM, we were able to hold TEDxSeeds 2011 in October 22, 2011. Again, thank you for your support and energy for all of you who took part in the event.

The theme for TEDxSeeds 2011 was “一風兆創 - If you feel, there is a wind, Wind is a Seed for billion of the Creation” and we have 4 sessions, “ichi(one)”, “kaze(wind)”, “chou(billion)”, and “sou(to create)”. In the conference, we were able to invite 12 speakers and those speakers shared interesting talents from Philosophy to Super Galaxy as well as two completely eye-opening performances. At SEEDS ART NIGHT, we moved to Yokohama Marine Tower and speakers actually interacted with the audiences. All of us were still in excitement and we were glad that we could share the inspiring stories. We hope it became a great experience for both speakers and the audiences. It became the greatest experience for us, the organizers as well for sure.

Also, we arranged the event to make the audiences enjoy, of course, but also to make them “experience” or “assess” the event from “various aspects”. For instance, we prepared “SEEDS MUSEUM” where the audiences can actually touch and feel speakers’ ideas and “Speakers’ Corner” where all attendees have a chance to share their own ideas at the lunchtime. We wish those “twists” provided the speakers and the audiences even greater experience. We, also organizers could improve our ideas and way of thinking from the organizing stage.

TEDxSeeds always will remember your supports and we will promise all of you to keep improving and growing so please keep sharing your inspirations. The inspirations will be the “SEEDS” for us and it will be a chance for us to introduce amazing ideas from Japan.

Please keep us watching as we grow. Again, thank you so much for understanding and sharing ideas. We appreciate all of you for your supports. Best regards to all of you.

A fine day in October of 2011

Curator Keiko Satoh

Executive Producer and Director Hiromasa Ito

TEDxSeeds conference team all members

Conference Photos